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Baeond replaces shooter gameplay with a card game while retaining the hobbyistic nature of looter games that incentivize players to finish collections, complete challenges, creatively customize their avatars, and discover new unique lines of play. Players play matches to earn loot to upgrade their cards, which are tradable on an open market, just like a paper card.

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The gameplay of Baeond will be familiar to fans of digital and paper trading/collectible card games and deckbuilding games. We are veteran gaming industry mavericks with a combined 50+ years of creating experiences. Baeond is designed from the ground up to support the tectonic shift in human history that crypto networks represent.

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Constituents Over Customers

Baeond is a crypto card game with on-chain governance. Players determine the future of the game, and its rules rely on player consensus achieved by a distributed ledger. On-Chain governance powered by play ensures the creative and economic forces of Baeond remain divorced from one another.

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Games as art have a responsibility to reflect to the world a reality they are willing to actualize. Baeond takes place in an inclusive, far-flung, post-singularity universe; an undercurrent of optimism gives way to narratives that galvanize and champion the human spirit in all the myriad forms it takes.

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